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Potshot 19

Potshot 19!

Starting world wars, inventing horrible weapons, enslaving large populations, peforming inhuman experiments, eliminating natural alternatives and generally creating hell on earth:

A brief history of BIG CHEMICAL...

OR... WHAT THE "petrochemical pharmaceutical military-industrial trans-national fascist corporate elite son-of-a-bitches" DO ON A REGULAR BASIS TO STIMULATE THEIR SYNTHETIC FUEL & MEDICINE MONOPOLIES.

by David Malmo-Levine (01 Mar, 2003)

This issue is dedicated to Joseph Borkin, who died mysteriously in 1978 as he was to go out and tell the truth about Bayer.


Part 1: At the finish line

How it all began

Aspirin's twisted history

Survival of the richest

Don't want dye OK how about poison gas

Hitler - one satisfied customer!

Who named the Nazis - Hitler or IG Farben?

A first attempt at labor cost reductions

A one-time installment fee

Nazi's experiment with their own drug war

IG Auschwitz - the ideal business climate

Our investors would expect no less

Making a killing off gas sales

Employee of the month: Dr. Mengele

A slap on the wrist

Rockefeller-Farben ties

Rockefeller's medical monopoly

Rockefeller, Mellon, Morgan, DuPont and Farben

IG Farben's next racket - vitamin over-regulation

Part 2: The more things change

Rockefeller and Farben's West Nile Virus weapons and vaccines

Rockefeller and Farben's anti-West Nile Virus mosquito sprays

Rockefeller's anthrax

Cipro - Bayer's anti-anthrax drug monopoly

Cipro or cannabis - what's best for anthrax?

Farben and Rockefeller's smallpox

Rockefeller's AIDS part 1: Pfizer

Rockefeller's AIDS part 2: Litton Bionetics

Rockefeller's AIDS part 3: Merck

Rockefeller's AIDS drugs and vaccine

Bayer's latest chemical and biological weapons

Eugenics and genocide

Sterilize the drug fiends!

From eugenics to population control

Half of you people must die

Cold Spring Harbor today - genetically modified people

Rockefeller's HARRP and chemtrails

Background to the current oil wars

Rockefeller, the White House and the Middle East

Enron, Exxon and "Pipelineistan"

Rockefeller's oil-war pundits

The war on drugs

Rockefeller and Farben's Bad Trips

The big fish are always off the hook

Farben sprays Columbia

Farben's paraquat

Merck's attempt to exterminate coca and poppies

Other environmental catastrophes

Farben has their eye on legal pot, too

Monsanto's Terminator strains

How do they get away with it?

The evil empire's final move


And if so, how do we stop them?


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